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Get started to Canon inkjet setup with guidelines of ij.start.canon site. Check and learn the best and easy methods to set up Canon printer hardware download and install the Canon ij setup. The site is based on the computer operating system where you can find an online manual and guide. Use the wired or wireless connection to connect the Canon printer to Wi-Fi and router as well. Then, set up the hardware and install the Canon software. Now you can try printing.

How to Download and Install Canon ij setup via ij.start.canon?

Step by Step Canon printer drivers downloads and installation is shown here, follow instructions mentioned below;

  • Ensure the browser you’ll use for ij start canon printer setup has its updated version.
  • Go through ij.start.canon (secure) site and click “Set Up (Start Here)” tab.
  • Move ahead to the next page, where you need to enter the Canon printer model.
  • You also can choose the first two letters of your Canon ij printer from shown list on ij.start.canon screen.
  • Click “Start”.
  • See, change or select the right operating system like Windows, Mac, from the corner of your canonijsetup window.
  • Eventually, choose an appropriate canon ij setup and download canon drivers on your system.
  • After software download from ij.start.canon, open downloads folder, and double-click on setup file to install the Canon printer software.
  • Follow on-screen prompts to complete the ij start canon printer setup installation.

Step by Step Guide to Set Up Your Canon Inkjet Printer

Step 1- Configure the printer hardware

Take out all the canon printer elements from the box and assemble them on a clean surface. Then configure and connect to power, as well install Printhead and Ink Cartridges.

Step 2 – Visit ij.start.canon

On your PC or Laptop web address bar, enter ij.start.canon and Click Set Up.

Step 3 – Enter Your Canon Printer Model

On ij.start canon page, enter or choose your Canon printer model and click Go. For it, see your printer’s front or top and find Canon model name.

Step 4 – Download Canon Printer Drivers

Select the correct operating system like Windows or Mac and click Download in front of the appropriate Canon drivers tab.

Step 5 – Connect Ij printer to a wireless connection

Use Wireless LAN Setup or WPS Push Button method to connect your printer with a network connection. You will require a wireless router as well.

Step 6 – Start the printer software installation

Once you download the setup from ij.start canon on your laptop or PC, double click on the Canon ij setup file [EXE or PKG] and accept the software license agreement.

Step 7 – Select a connection type to continue

Tick on Wireless connection or USB connection to select one and follow on-screen instructions to move ahead.

Step 8 – Connect USB if available

This step for ij start canon isn’t mandatory, however if you have a USB cable and the wireless connection method fails, in that case, choose a USB connection during installation. Thereafter, plug one side of the USB cable to the canon printer’s rear and another side to the PC, Laptop port.

Ways to Connect the Canon printer to the driver or software

  • After installation of the driver, open the driver.
  • Then press the next option.
  • Then click on the Yes option to agree with license and agreement.
  • After that, select the network connections; for that, click on the Yes option.
  • Then the driver will search for the device or printer which is near.
  • Then basic installation of the driver will begin.
  • After that, choose a name for the printer on your own.
  • Choose default printer for direct printing.
  • It may take some time for installation.
  • After that, click on Add device option.
  • Then the driver will search for a nearby printer device.
  • Then click on the device which is detected.
  • And then add it.
  • That's it, and the printer is ready to take command from the ij.start.canon driver.

Step-by-Step Instructions to Print with your Canon printer

To print with your canon printer, follow these simple steps mentioned below:

  • Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the printer driver from Canon’s website, ij.start.canon. After completing the printer setup, you must add your printer to your system to print. This is exactly what is required.
  • Return to the control panel and select the “Hardware and Sound” section.
  • Next, choose “Devices and Printers,” which will bring up the device window.
  • Next, go to the top of the page and click the “Add a printer” link.
  • When you click, your system will begin looking for a printer. If your printer is properly connected to your system, it will display in the Search Results.
  • If you can’t find it in the list, check the “Printer, not in the list” link to see if there are any other options. Follow the on-screen prompts to select the desired choice from the list and search for the printer.
  • Now it’s time to load your printer with paper and ink; the next printing step is to turn it on and load the sheets and ink cartridges.
  • When the setup is complete, send the print command, then open the document you want to print and send the print command.
  • The command can be found in the document’s “File” section. However, the shortcut can also be used for “CTRL+P,” as an example.
  • Once you’ve sent the command, you’ll be able to see a print preview.
  • Double-check that all document settings are correct based on the knowledge.
  • If desired, change page numbers, page alignment, print color, size, and quality, among other things.
  • If more than one printer has been added, double-check that the correct printer has been selected.
  • Now double-check the printed text.
  • After you’ve checked all of the settings, click the “Print” tab to confirm printing.
  • Finally, the printer processes your command and begins the printing process with the help of the printer driver.

Disclaimer: This website (ij.start.canon) is only a guide for users to understand the process to Download, Install and Activate Canon printer setup, we do not have any affiliations from Canon printer and any other company related to printers.